Love at third sight

Gisela is quietly writing in a coffee shop. A stranger suddenly sits in her table willing to talk to her. What at first seems like the typical story of a guy hitting a girl, will turn into something unexpected.

Love at third sight is in fact a one of the stories that I was planning to shoot and post directly on the social networks. They were all stories about a couple that meets for the first time in many different ways. In comical ways or more dramatic. In all of the stories, the romantic plot suffers from many unexpected twists that why I thought I wanted to call it love at third sight, to reflect that the main characters see each other from many different points of view until there is a resolution of the story. One of the stories was much longer than the others and I decided to shoot in a short film format. The story talks about a man that introduces himself to a girl that is seated alone in a coffee shop.

Written, directed and edited by Albert Ventura 
Produced by Albert Ventura, Carlus Fàbrega and Oriol Bernat
Cinematography by Oriol Bernat
Assistant director Silvia Cachafeiro
Sound recordist Clara Pombar
Music by Alba Careta Quinted
Sound mix by Miquel Coll

Colour grading and credits by Miguel Fornés