As an artist I have experienced how vulnerable I became since I decided to fully dedicate myself to my passion. We creators, give up stable jobs and stable life styles, and as a consequence our social position becomes weak and easy to manipulate. We still live in a world that takes advantage of its artists for the sake of both private and public company organisations, but not for the benefit and promotion of its artists. As a first attempt to contribute to a change, I decided to merchandise my own moviemaker’s label and give the chance to anyone who enjoyed my content to purchase my products from me directly. This way, I pretend to participate in building a world based exclusively on the bond artist-audience. Although I don’t expect great economical benefits from it, I observe it as an activist act towards a fairer place for artists around the world.

Cap by NeverSceneFilms

You want to support and help me expanding my movie label?

You can now purchase my NeverSceneFilms cap for 30 euro + Shipping expenses to your country. Contact me directly through for more details with the subject “Cap purchase”.

All the benefits of this purchase will be used to purchase 35mm film and to keep creating content. I can all also share your picture in my social networks thank you for your support!

Thank you becoming a part of NeverSceneFilms.

30 euro + shipping expenses.

Papershoot by NeverSceneFilms

You can purchase my own signature limited NeverSceneFilms x Paper Shoot Spain camera model.

Paper shoot is a minimalist camera made in Taiwan recently considered by Time magazine and Wired as one of the world’s best inventions in 2021. I collaborate with this brand as Spanish and Andorra distributor, as well as brand ambassador and firmware developer.

This camera is made with totally recyclable electronic components, wrapped in a stone paper case, more resistant and ecological than regular paper. Papershoot captures images with a unique fusion between digital and analogical look. A camera with minimalist and sustainable technology made in Taiwan.

This personalised case has my logo and the cover of my first short movie shot in Japan “Script”, with the first page of the script in Japanese printed on the back.

168 Euro + Shipping for Spanish website. For other countries send me an email at

NeverSceneStuff (NFT)

In collaboration with MT Art Gallery, I have also stepped into this new world

As an artist, I have always been sensible to the unfairness that art creators need to face in the industry. NFTs have given the possibility to many visual art creators to finance themselves, something that was much harder in the traditional middle-men-mediated art business.

The blockchain provides the possibility to make sure the the creator takes part of the benefits from his own work. In collaboration with MT Art Gallery, I have also stepped into this new world created my crypto art label NeverSceneStuff and the Tokyo Addict NFT collection.

The benefits of these NFTs will be used to expand the brand with upcoming projects including NFT-funded movies in mind. Our goal is to use the momentum of NFT impact in the world to create films based solely on the interaction between the creator and his NFT owners. Visit our Tokyo Addict website to know more about it.

Available in our Tokyo Addict website.