Script (スクリプト)

Four strangers participate in a psychological experiment in a dark space with nothing else other than a table and four envelopes. They are payed 100.000 yen to sit in there for 10 minutes, but this won’t be as easy as it seems…

Inspired by Zen culture and Japanese minimalism I wanted to make a film where only the actors and their reactions were truly the centre of the story. It was a challenge to place the set in the dark but it really helped me to bring the plot to the essence of what it means to be human. Our life is a big mystery that we constantly try to solve. So I believe that is when we face the irrational that our highest human nature is expressed. Script was both for me and the actors a trip to the essence of our rationality. I like telling stories that challenge the audience to solve a mystery along with the characters so everyone can feel part of the same experience. Script was my first short film and a mystic experience that made me realise that movie making was what I was meant to dedicate my life to.

Written, directed and edited by Albert Ventura 
Produced by Albert Ventura and Tamura Tomoyuki
Cinematography and colour grading by Paul Leeming
Music by Tomohisa Ishikawa
Sound mix by Tamura Tomoyuki

Starring Takeo Nakahara, Takafumi Sasai, Takayuki Oonishi, Yumi Gotou

AWARDS |  2011 Sapporo International Film Festival (Best Script Award) 

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS | 2011 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival | 2011 Beijing International Movie Festival | 2011 Tateshina Kogen Film Festival | 2012 Kaosiung International Movie Festival | 2012 Filmets Badalona Film Festival