Afterdark RGB colors in Taipei

This is my first night RGB colors work in Taipei with film. I used CInestill800t and Portra ISO 800. These two famous high ISO films allowed me to capture the mood in at night, keeping a nice texture despite the darkness of these locations. The night colors in Asia and specially of Taiwan have always fascinated me. There are nearly no lights lightning the street, instead each place has it’s own light and normally these are in RGB mode. This makes the night very cinematic. At these late hours there is nearly nobody walking in the street maybe just a few people walking back home. I waited for the rain to fall to get those reflected lights on the road. The Reds are mostly from those construction signs and traffic lights. The greens come from the tobacco shops and the Blues are more rare, sometimes substituted by oranges and sometimes in the same tobacco shops which have all the RGB colors..