Memories of Tokyo

Memories of Tokyo. Photographies by NeverSceneFilms

This is a set of photographies that in fact are extracted stills from video clips that I recorded in Tokyo with my Blackmagic pocket 4K. After living in Tokyo for eight years I moved back to Barcelona on 2012 and then to Taiwan where I am actually based. I finally visited back Tokyo in 2019 after almost eight years and my feelings were a mixture of nostalgia, excitement and sadness. This city was a place that I used to call home, but after many years I somewhat felt like I was a foreigner in my own country. Both me and the city have been evolving into different directions after our ways separated. Tokyo has tried hard to open itself to foreigners, but I fear that with internationalisation it may also lose its identity. Tokyo is essentially a fascinating place full of stories in any corner. You can literally get lost and re-discover a new city every time. However, I always envisioned Tokyo as a sad place. If you become part of it, you will feel how this city slowly absorbs your energy and time. Days are short, and everything changes quickly, becoming part of a past that fades away at high speed, becoming soon a sad memory. For that reason I want to capture this unique beautiful sadness in these images. No matter how it changes, this will always be to me the most inspiring and fascinating place in the world. 

Never Scene Films