This is a selection of pics taken with my Paper Shoot. This is a camera that I became recently passionate about, to the point that I recently started distributing it to Spain and Andorra. I quickly felt related to the values that are behind this minimalist machine: sustainability, ecology, passion for photography and a dream to change the worlds through photography. The origin of paper shoot is also a touching story. Its founder George Lin, raised in a poor and big family in Taiwan, could never afford a camera. One day he realised he didn’t have a single picture with his family. Shocked, he then decided to create himself a minimalist camera that could be affordable for everyone, so that every kid in the world could take pictures of their beloved ones. The latest model has a 16 megapixel sensor that recreates the style and the experience of the film photography. Without being able to check the image right after, and with a single shooter button, this is a camera that makes you focus in nothing else than composition and the moment. In a world ruled by immediacy and over-defined images, paper shoot is a healing experience, almost meditative. It is a trip to experience what’s really essential, and we find out that is far less than we initially believed. Time magazine recently declared Paper Shoot as one of the best inventions of 2021. You can learn more about in our Spanish website