Für Elise

Ashin meets Elise at a night market. She looks like an innocent girl until she involves him in a mysterious game that consists in catching her. They run through the streets until she leads him to this apartment. Not knowing whose house he is stepping in, Ashin then realizes that the game has gone too far… Elise is not there, and he gets caught by the police.

“This story is in fact a tribute to my grand mother. One day she called me saying that some relatives had come to her house for a visit. Those relatives were supposed to have passed away long ago. I could however feel the reality in her voice and that made me wonder. What does reality mean? Is it maybe something different for every person? Were those people real for her but not for the others? That idea kept me thinking until I came out with the theory that maybe everyone knows someone that doesn’t exist. She was also a Beethoven fan and introduced me to movie classics when I was a child. So in many senses is my way to honour her memory, in a cinematographic way”. Albert Ventura

Written, directed and edited by Albert Ventura 
Music composed by Carles Viarnès and Miquel Coll
Cinematography by Ming Wang
Produced by YouLun Shih

Kaohsiung Culture Bureau Sponsoship  |  2015 Kaohsiung Film Festival (International Premiere)  |  2016 Open Art short film festival (3rd Jury price best director / 2nd price best leading role)  |  2016 3rd DC Chinese Film Festival (Best Narrative Short film)  |  2016 Rincon International Film Festival (Excellence Award)  |  2016 25º Festival de Cine de Madrid – PNR (1st price best leading role Zhang Zhai Xing)  |  2016 Monsoon Asian Film Festival (Special Screening)  |  2016 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival  |  2016 Euroshots Young Filmakera Poland  |  2016 Hemoglozine Nominated Best International Short Film  |  2016 Cyborg Film Festival  |  2016 Hong Kong ArtHouse Film Festival | 2016 Taipei Film Festival (Nominated Best Short Film)

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