Iphigenia's Night (伊菲基妮亞之夜)

Jie is driving back home from the airport after a long business trip. However, tempted by a lover, Jie decides to go to meet her instead. In the middle of a dark road, a police officer requests him under thread, to drive through a local road. Jie will drive puzzled until he will hit a man wearing a strange Greek mask holding a message on his mouth: “open your suitcase”.

Iphigenia’s Night is the short version of a feature film project that I had been working for a long time. I always wanted to make a story that combined thriller elements with deeper aspects like the idea that we all pay a price for our acts. What are the limits of morality? Are we humans destined to dive into our dark side? There is a possibility of redemption no matter what are our crimes? Are we just living in a cycle of events where we are just getting purified? I wanted to add elements of Greek culture that are much deeper explained in the feature version, but that also add mystery to this story. Every short film teaches me something. This story taught me the importance of believing in your own story, no matter what troubles arise in your team. At the end of the day it is only the director and his movie. Just like the character of this story, in life, we really are on our own.

Written, directed and edited by Albert Ventura 
Produced by PTS and Zhang Ming Hao
Production manager Lin Chun Han
Cinematography by Zheng Zhi Teng
Art director Ming Jen Hsieh
Music composed by Miquel Coll
Sound mix by Chicco Chiang

Starring Kai Xun Zhuang

AWARDS |  2018 Taiwan Film Festival (Jury Award Best Short Film) 

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS | 2018 Kaohsiung International Film Festival (Taiwan) | 2018 Golden Bell Awards (Taiwan, Nominated Best Cinematography, Edition and Sound) | 2018 Aesthetica Short Film Festival (UK) | 2018 41st Asian American International Film Festival (USA) | 2018 Court Métrage Film Festival (France) | 2018 Odense International Film Festival (Denmark) | 2018 13th Aurora Festival Internacional de Cine de Horror (Mexico)