Memories of Tokyo

After nearly eight years without returning to Tokyo I was sure that I wanted to make a conceptual video that reflected my feelings towards the city. Tokyo played a crucial role in my life, is the place where I grew up as an adult, I lived there for eight years where I had all sorts of life experiences, good and also bad. Overall, Tokyo is to me a fascinating place, it’s a city that constantly evolves but at the same time keeps its own essence. Tokyo is a urban jungle where many people live together but at the same time I always had the feeling that they are isolated each other. This is the city where I really, at times ,I felt lonely for the first time of my life. So my impression of Tokyo is that it keeps a unique and beautiful sadness. It’s. place where you feel time runs fast and your life fades away while the buildings around you stays coldly immobile. I think Blade Runner is a movie that kept the essence of what you feel in Tokyo very precisely. It is both fascinating and cold. And with that concept in mind I tried to make this edit keeping both my sad memories of Tokyo with the deep philosophical atmosphere of the movie. It was exciting to explore that city again with my camera, it was the perfect excuse to stop and observe in a different speed the lives of people that I saw around. And to dig into the feeling that no matter how big is the fascination you may feel towards this city, Tokyo will always keep its own path, either with or without me.

Shot and edited by Albert Ventura 
Colour grading and credits by Miguel Fornés