Nike | Free Spirit

Free spirit is a fan commercial that I shot in Tokyo with my friends. With nearly two hundred thousand views in Youtube it really got a big response and I felt encouraged to keep working hard on my independent video productions. I initially did it to prove myself that I could develop a conceptual commercial based on a major brand. I wanted to fuse the concept of freedom from Martin Luther King and the Nike free model that appeared around 2010, which was very light and gave a real sense of freedom to the runner. I shot everything by myself with my Canon 5D with the help of my friends. We really keep a good memory from that day, we had to wake up really early, around 4 am in order to get those empty but still bright streets in Shinjuku. It really made me realise that if there is a will there is a way to shoot the material that you have in mind. And we even used a box trolley as a camera dolly, and that’s in fact one of the most iconic images from that day. It was basically fun and really successful in the social media. If any major company is looking to hire me, I’m in!

Written, directed and edited by Albert Ventura 
Assistance by Jordi Salvador and Yihsuan Lan