A man is strangely obsessed in learning golf. As he will solve his mental puzzle together we will eventually understand why.

Swing is the first movie that I had to adapt from an idea that was not originally mine. Writing and shooting this movie was a request from my film school “Bande à Part”. A writer had won the best Catalan novel award and, part of that award was getting the film filmed by a film student. It was a crazy experience to adapt the story in short time. The novel didn’t seem too thrilling at first to make into a short film so I had to experiment with the plot. I decided to give a twist to the story and make a story where the original plot from the novel was contradicted by the images. As a result I made a story about someone that is humiliated in front of his kids, and as a result he projects his will of revenge into learning golf. We will only at the end understand the origin of this obsession. This experience told me that sometimes is only when we are under pressure and out of our circle of comfort that a good artistic experience can arise.

Written, directed and edited by Albert Ventura 
Cinematography by Albert Capó
Assistant director Oriol Bernat

Starring Carlus Fàbrega, Gisela Arnao, Óscar Foronda, Cesc Gómez.

AWARDS | 2013 Sants Horror Film Fest (Best Catalan Short) | 2013 Festival de curts Lliçà d’Amunt (Best Catalan Short) 

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS | 2013 Obuxo Fest | 2013 Kaohsiung Film Festival | 2013 Ikusha Film Festival | 2014 Festival de Cannes Short Film Corner