Tong Xue (同學)

Xiao Yu and her classmates play a scary game in their school at midnight. The game consists in counting themselves by turns. They all count the same amount of people, but Xiao Yu counts one more person… who is that person that the others can’t see?

This is a short film that we completed entirely in one single day. I had just finished shooting “Fur Elise” and we decided to join a competition for Sony 4k. We prepared it all in collaboration with Lin Jun Jie, owner of Ipix company who also produced this work. However we realised at some point of the movie that we couldn’t keep recording in 4K and we had to keep recording in 2K, so we couldn’t join the competition. It was however really a fun and intense experience to shoot this story in a school at night. Both main characters did a great job and understood the weirdness that I was looking for. It is a story that plays with the idea that I also reflected in Fur Elise, which is that we all see someone that doesn’t exist. But who is that person? And what happens when we find out?

Written, directed and edited by Albert Ventura 
Music composed by Yu Yi Lin
Sound mix by Chicco Chiang
Colour grading and credits by Miguel Fornés