Never grow up (永遠別長大)

My greatest influence as a moviemaker is my grandmother. I used to close my eyes while I was listening to her bedtime-stories, it is then when I discovered there was a whole universe in my mind, and I’ve been my whole life exploring it. I have been in Asia already half of my life and here I am constantly reminded that I am a stranger. This keeps my imagination alive and allows me to observe the world with a playful mindset. Like a tourist, I observe things that nobody else here stops to watch. In a way I feel that being in an exotic place prevents me from getting tired of my surrounding. When I observe my kids constantly making up stories around them I realise that I am just like them. Creating stories is dreaming awake like a child, and moviemaking is for me keeping that child inside of me alive. Fundamentally, we are all born storytellers, we may grow old, but we must never grow up.

This is a cinematic reel including my previous works, also commented in this website: Script, Iphigenia’s Night, Love at third sight and Butterflies.